Bryon D. Stricklin, also known as Borne, is a gifted artist, lyricist, song-writer, and performer. Borne is also the owner and executive director of The M.I.N.D. Group (Moving In a New Direction), a non-profit organization based in High Point, North Carolina.

With an emphasis on ministry, Borne delivers the message of hope and faith in Jesus as the answer to all problems. He is an advocate of personal responsibility and change through the administered Word of God.

Borne is a seasoned artist in the recording industry and his works include collaborations with renowned jazz musician, Tom Browne. The second release from Browne’s Mo’ Jamaica Funk album, Ghetto Horn, successfully aired in Europe (London) and landed video appearances on BET for five consecutive months. See video link below:

Borne re-emerged on the recording scene and produced two projects: Manifest Excellence (Winning the World) and Straight From the Womb. He also began traveling throughout the state of North Carolina as well as speaking and performing in Georgia, Florida and Michigan.

Currently, Borne is preparing for the release of his latest project entitled, Full Circle. The album is sure to bless many with songs of personal struggle, triumph and oneness with God. This release is also the re-inventing of Borne’s new campaign of music ministry and youth outreach. Borne combines his evangelistic message of faith and commitment to God, along with hard work through education and character development, as a means of inspiring and invoking change in the lives of today’s youth.



The M.I.N.D. Group Donation Package
All donations are graciously received. For a gift of $10 or more, contributors and supporters will receive the following:

• The M.I.N.D. Group monthly newsletter

• Copy of music CD entitled, Borne...Straight From the Womb

• Three pre-released music tracks from featured artist, Borne

• 5 x 5 advertisement of first project released under M.I.N.D Group Music titled, Full Circle

For tax deductible donations, The M.I.N.D. Group is a non-profit organization that is recognized by the IRS of exempt status under section 501©(3) of the IRS Code.

For additional information, please contact Bryon Stricklin,
336-307-6332 (